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Cyprus History

Experience at first hand one of the oldest civilizations of the world

Cyprus history can be traced back to the time of the Neolithic man in 7000BC.

The Bronze Age brought tremendous wealth with the discovery of copper which led to the 'golden age' 1400-1050BC. This great fortune was the start of a new life of commercial and cultural wealth and from those ancient times, the country has retained its' Greek heritage, language, and way of life.

Well known to the ancients for its' copper mines and forests, Cyprus was an object of contest among the great powers of the Mediterranean region.

The island for the next 27 centuries was invaded and ruled by more than a dozen different masters which has enriched its' character over the years from widely differing races, cultures and creeds.

Many fine examples of Byzantine art survived, hidden away in the pine forests, are painted churches with their colourful frescoes on walls and apses, ten of which have been put on the UNESCO world heritage list.

The ancient Greek mythological goddess of love and beauty flourished here. People came from miles around to take part in the celebrations in her name. Nowadays a modern version of the rituals connected with the cult are the "Anthestiria" or spring flower festivals.

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