Cyprus has a synchronised blend of ancient history, Greek mythology and is still very rich in cultural traditions.

World famous architectural sites with over 9000 years of legend and history, makes Cyprus an enchanting island

The internationally recognised beaches, complemented by the almost always sunny weather promote a variety of exhilarating water sports.

For a more relaxed sport Cyprus offers well maintained golf facilities.

Fashion stores can also be found which will guarantee to melt the time away.As tourists have been visiting Cyprus for many years, the local Cypriots are friendly and welcome all visitors.

This promotes further reasons for Cyprus being one of the most visited island, among all others.

Special attention must be given to the weather. An average temperature during the summer season is 32° with refreshing cool nights. While winter average temperature is 17° yet the sun is almost always shinning.

The cost of living is considerably lower than other European countries and the lifestyle is laid back and unrushed. Property development has increased to a large extent over the years. Currently, property is high in demand and proves to be solid investments as prices are escalating. Cyprus property is proven to be cheaper than other European countries, especially the UK .

All of Cyprus benefits can be enjoyed with full freedom and peace of mind as there is little to no crime. The crime rate is barely reaching 1/6 of the European average. There are also British bases found in Cyprus , which proves to be constantly assessing situation and providing input related to political issues.

Over all Cyprus seems to be the closest reflection to paradise.